​​​​​​​​​​​Office of Appeals (OOA)

The department’s administrative remedies process affords adult inmates and parolees an opportunity to address complaints directly to high ranking officials in the department. The process involves two levels of review in order to quickly resolve problems at the lowest possible level: at the first level of review the Warden or Chief Deputy Warden are responsible for complaints from inmates and the Parole Regional Administrator or Deputy Parole Regional Administrator are responsible for complaints from inmates, while at the second level of review the Associate Director at the Office of Appeals, who acts on behalf of the Secretary, is responsible. 

The Office of Appeals helps ensure the administrative remedies process is accessible, responsive, and meaningful. In this way the Office of Appeals also helps the department avoid unnecessary and costly litigation. The Office of Appeals also supports supervisors, managers, and executives throughout the department by collecting relevant data, disseminating informative reports, and identifying issues that deserve special attention. Finally, the Office of Appeals is responsible for reviewing statewide compliance with the regulatory framework for administrative remedies, for developing managements tools that improve the department’s overall performance in this area, and provided statewide guidance and training to staff involved in the administrative remedies process. 

In these ways, the Office of Appeals reaffirms the department’s commitment to the safe and humane incarceration and supervision of offenders, and the department’s commitment to taxpayers to reduce costly litigation. 

For additional information regarding the Office of Appeals please contact us at the phone number or address below. However, please note that the Office of appeals does not release information regarding appeals over the phone because we cannot confirm the identity of those calling and when we do release information it is only to the claimant who filed the appeal in order to respect their privacy .”

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