Parole Hearing Notification

I Did Not Receive Notice

A victim of any crime committed by an incarcerated person, the next-of-kin of the victim if the victim has died, and members of the victim’s family has a right to participate in the parole suitability hearing process. This includes the person’s commitment crimes, determinate term commitment crimes for which the person has previously paroled and any other felony crimes or crimes against the person for which the person was convicted. The victim may also designate two representatives to appear, personally or by counsel, at the hearing.

Individuals who did not receive notice of an upcoming parole suitability hearing may participate in the hearing process by completing a Request for Victims Notification to receive notice of future parole suitability hearings. The Office of Victim & Survivor Rights & Services is available to assist victims in registering to receive notice of future hearings and to provide information on how to submit a written statement to be read into the record at the current scheduled hearing. Victims and their representatives may also attend the current scheduled hearing to observe, participate, and give a statement if there is a reasonable amount of time to make those arrangements with the facility. Please contact the Office of Victim & Survivor Rights & Services for more information.

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