CDCR Online Testing Platform: Frequently Asked Questions

The online testing platform is a third-party software used to administer examinations online, created by a company called ClassMarker. Competitors who are accepted into the examination are emailed a test link and they can then take an examination fully online from anywhere they have access to a computer, the internet, and a secure location.

There are many benefits to using the online testing platform including the following:

  • Streamlines the written exam process
  • Reduces the number of reschedules due to time off work (e.g., vacation, training, injury, illness, etc.)
  • No mask or vaccine requirements for candidates to take a test
  • Ease of administration due to streamlined processes
  • No travel for candidates or proctors
  • No waiting to be admitted to the test site
  • Candidates can take the exam anytime-anywhere
  • No impact to work schedules
  • Faster turnaround times for exam results
  • The cost of administering a written test is greatly reduced (No proctors/proctor overtime pay, location costs, travel etc.)
  • Replaces paper & pencil in-person exams making it environmentally friendly

The online testing platform has been used to administer online written examinations for the following classifications, with more classifications expected to be added in the future:

  • Captain, Adult Institution
  • Chief Deputy Warden
  • Correctional Counselor I
  • Correctional Counselor II (Specialist)
  • Correctional Counselor II (Supervisor)
  • Correctional Lieutenant
  • Parole Agent I, Adult Parole
  • Parole Agent II, Adult Parole (Specialist)
  • Parole Agent II, Adult Parole (Supervisor)
  • Parole Service Associate

Yes, the online testing platform is both secure and confidential. The online testing platform is hosted on a high security platform using secure HTTPS protocol and all data is stored on secure servers in the United States.  The online testing platform does not collect social security numbers, home addresses, or Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) information. The online testing platform only collects candidate names, email addresses, and test scores.

The online testing platform can be used to administer the following types of examination questions:

  • Multiple Choice
  • True/False
  • Matching
  • Free Text
  • Grammar
  • Essay

Each online written exam has a set date and time that the exam can be taken.  During this testing period, you can take the exam anytime you want; however, there is a time limit for each exam.  Once you begin the test, you must complete it in one sitting and will only be allowed one attempt.

Yes, you can select any location you would like to take your test. The only requirements are that you are in a secure environment in which you will not be disturbed and you must be alone with no one else in the area.

You can only take the exam one time. Once you open the exam and begin the test, you must complete the test in one sitting.

If you have been admitted into an examination which uses the online testing platform and you do not have computer or internet access, please contact CDCR’s Talent Acquisition and Career Services by email at or by phone at (916) 322-2545 to discuss alternate testing options.

No. There is no software installation or downloads required to take an online exam using the online testing platform. The only things you need to take the exam are a modern computing device, internet access, and a compatible web browser. It is recommended that you close all other computer applications before beginning your exam to obtain the fastest internet speed possible.

You can use any of the following devices to take an online written exam with the online testing platform: Desktop or Laptop computer, an iPad, Chromebook, tablet, or even a Smart Phone, although using your computer is highly recommended.  You can use all modern Operating Systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and iOS, Linux, Google Android, and Chrome OS, among others.  And you can use your favorite web browser like Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge, plus more.

No. Once you begin the exam you must complete it within the time allowed in one sitting.

Your answers are saved as you submit each one, not at the end of the exam. This means you will not lose any work if your computer freezes.  You can always click refresh on your web browser and the exam will again load on the same question you were on.  If you have written any long answers on the frozen page, make a copy of your answer first so you do not lose them. If your computer or web browser has a problem or they are closed, using the same web browser, re-open your web browser, go to the Start link for the test and you will be taken back to the last question you were on, where you will be able to resume your exam.

The online testing platform can handle thousands of test-takers taking an exam at one time. However, if you have a slower internet connection or intermittent connectivity issues where this is causing you to be disconnected altogether, contact ClassMarker or CDCR’s Talent Acquisition and Career Services at (916) 322-2545 immediately. This issue could be caused by a number of factors, such as an internet connection issue, a browser or computer issue, or having multiple applications open on your computer such as music apps, plugins, or other search tool bars.

No, you cannot use any outside assistance to help you obtain the answer to test questions. This includes internet access of any kind, notes, books, study guides, personal assistance from other individuals, etc.

To prevent cheating, the following security measures have been put in place for written examinations using the online testing platform:

  • Candidates agree to security/confidentiality requirements
  • Competitors must have an “access key” to take the test
  • Test questions are randomly generated from a question bank
  • Test question order is randomized
  • Question answer order is randomized
  • Printing and copying is disabled
  • Competitors have only one attempt to complete the exam
  • Tests must be completed in one sitting
  • Tests are timed

The time allowed for each examination is carefully determined based on various factors, including input from Subject Matter Experts and pre-testers. During the examination, you will see a countdown timer at the top of each page. If you run out of time, the test will be finished automatically and any answers on the current page will also be submitted for you so you will not lose any work.

Once you finish the exam, a web page will appear that informs you that you have officially completed the test. Your score will be processed and you will receive the results of your exam at a later time, usually within 8 – 9 weeks.

The examination process is just one step in the overall state civil service selection process.  In addition to competing in and passing an examination, candidates must also meet the minimum qualifications, rank high enough in the examination to be eligible for hire, apply for a vacancy, pass screening criteria, be interviewed and selected, and pass probation.

If you have any questions about the Online Testing Platform or experience technical issues while taking an online exam, please contact Talent Acquisition and Career Services at (916) 322-2545, OR you can email