Inmates who have a personal, ethical, or religious diets need may be able to participate in one of four diet programs: Plant-Based, Vegetarian, Religious Meat Alternate-Halal (RMA), or Religious Kosher (RK). Inmates must apply to be on these programs and are regularly monitored to assure that inmates adhere to their diet program agreements.  

For an inmate to apply to participate in the Plant-Based or Vegetarian program or otherwise known as religious diets program, he or she must submit a form CDCR-3030-V to the Chaplain or CRM, and approval is automatic under most circumstances. For an inmate to apply to participate in the RMA halal or RK kosher, the inmate must submit a CDCR-3030-R to the chaplain or the CRM. The inmate will be interviewed by the chaplain and if approved, will be regularly monitored to assure that the inmate is adhering to their diet agreement of not purchasing non-halal or non-kosher foods from the canteens or quarterly package vendors.  Inmates are subject to removal from the diet program after they are found to have made multiple purchase violations.