Religious Personal Property Matrix (RPPM)

The Religious Personal Property Matrix (RPPM) list all allowable religious personal property that inmates may purchase and possess. The RPPM provides consistent statewide standardization for what religious items that inmates may possess in which to practice their faith, while restricting any items that have been determined to present a safety and security concern. Common items that inmates may purchase are religious head gear, such as kuffi caps, yarmulkas, prayer shawls and prayer rugs. Color restrictions for clothing items limit the inmate to white, gray and multi-color with predominant color of white or gray. These colors allow the inmate to practice their faith without allowing predominant gang colors or colors that can aid the inmate in an escape attempt. 

Another common item are prayer oils. The scents allowed are more mellow scents that will aid the inmate in their prayers, but not so strong that the oils scents will mask other smells.

All religious property on the RPPM must be purchased from an approved religious vendor.   Religious texts, such as the Bible, Koran, or literature, can be purchased from any vendor or book store that does mail order business.