Antelope Conservation Camp #25

Antelope Conservation Camp #25 is jointly operated by CDCR and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE). The camp’s primary mission is to provide incarcerated hand crews for firefighting in the Lassen Modoc Ranger Unit and in the Plumas County areas.

Antelope Conservation Camp Logo

Contact Information


P.O. Box 270160, Susanville, CA 96127


(530) 257-2181, ext. 4224

CDCR Camp Staff

  • VACANT, Camp Commander
  • Sgts. B. Fleming and O. Trujillo, Assistant Camp Commanders

About Antelope Conservation Camp #25

Antelope Conservation Camp #25 opened in February 1963. CDCR is responsible for the supervision, care, and discipline of the incarcerated hand crews. CAL FIRE maintains the camp, supervises the work of the hand crews, is responsible for custody of the crew members while assigned to their daily CAL FIRE project activities. CDCR staff may accompany incarcerated hand crews when they respond out of the local area to assist with their care and custody.

When not fighting fires, incarcerated fire crews perform conservation and community service projects. CAL FIRE determines conservation projects.

Antelope Camp’s completed and ongoing community service projects include:

  • Fish & Game – Public Services
  • BLM: Fire Defense Improvements
  • Local Government: Public Recreation
  • Cal Trans: Public Service

The in-camp project is a CAL FIRE Canvas Shop which produces web gear for firefighters and is provided to crews and staff throughout the State.

Programs and Services

Just as in every CDCR prison, every conservation camp offers rehabilitative and educational services, including substance abuse programs such as Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous (AA/NA), religious programs, and GED and college courses. Their efforts during emergencies build a strong work ethic, and a feeling of self-worth. Collectively, these activities prepare the incarcerated camp participants for a successful integration back into their communities upon release.

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