Francisquito Conservation Camp #4


Contact Info

35100 N. San Francisquito Canyon Road
Santa Clarita, CA 91390
PH: (661) 296 – 4409

Camp Staff (CDCR)

  • Lieutenant M. Nunez, Camp Commander
  • Sergeant P. Pierce, Assistant Camp Commander
  • S. Arey, Correctional Officer
  • J. Zavala, Correctional Officer
  • E. Barron, Correctional Officer
  • J. Long, Correctional Officer
  • J. Haubruge, Correctional Officer
  • D. Olson, Correctional Officer

Los Angeles County Fire Personnel

  • Fire Captain C. Hunter, Camp Superintendent
  • J. Domel, Fire Fighter Specialist
  • C. DeMartini, Fire Fighter Specialist
  • B. Smith, Fire Fighter Specialist
  • K. Morgan, Fire Fighter Specialist
  • D. Parish, Fire Fighter Specialist
  • D. Tebo, Fire Fighter Specialist
  • R. Souder, Fire Fighter Specialist
  • S. Harlan, Fire Fighter Specialist
  • R. Thomas, Fire Fighter Specialist

Facts and figures

Total Staff (CDCR) 2020: 8
Total Staffing (LACFD) 2020: 10
Total # Inmates (as of 01/02/2020): 62

Community Services

Total # of estimated annual completed work service projects: over 100,000 man hours.  


Camp History

Francisquito Conservation Camp, CC#4, under the administrative supervision of Sierra Conservation Center (SCC) was opened in October 1981. The camp is jointly operated by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) and the Los Angeles County Fire Department (LAC). The camp was previously used as a Los Angeles County fire-training center prior to the opening as a CDCR and LAC inmate fire suppression camp. Inmate crews are utilized on wild land fire suppression as well as county conservation assignments, including maintenance of the California Aqueduct, local parks, and fire stations. The camp inmates work primarily in Los Angeles County, but may be called upon to work throughout the state in fire suppression efforts.

The CDCR is responsible for the selection, supervision, care, and discipline of the inmates. The LAC maintains the camp, supervised work of the inmate fire crews, and is responsible for the custody of the inmates on their daily work project activities.

Inmate Benefits

Inmates are paid for their work. The majority are laborers who receive $2.45 per day for their work. Skilled inmates may earn up to $5.12 per day. Skilled inmates include mechanics, clerks, plumbers, welders, carpenters and electricians. The led cook and clerk may earn up to $4.90 per day. While assigned to fighting fires or working on other declared emergencies, inmates may earn an additional $1.00 per hour. Inmates may purchase items from the camp canteen such as cosmetics, correspondence materials and food items. Inmates retain their earnings in an inmate trust fund to assist their families, repay court ordered restitution, or for their use upon release or parole. During their leisure time, inmates may participate in hobby craft, softball, basketball, horseshoes, reading or other activities. Spiritual services are provided by community volunteers. Francisquito also facilitates off site college courses, GED preparation, as well as AA/NA meetings. Inmates quickly learn that life at a conservation camp is more desirable than serving time behind the walls of a prison. Their work activities and efforts during emergencies build a strong work ethic, and a feeling of self-worth. These activities prepare the inmates for a successful integration back into their communities upon release.