Francisquito Conservation Camp #4

Francisquito Conservation Camp #4 is jointly operated by CDCR and the Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACFD). Incarcerated crews are utilized on wild land fire suppression as well as county conservation assignments, including maintenance of the California Aqueduct, local parks, and fire stations. Primarily, crews work in Los Angeles County, but may respond throughout the state.

Francisquito Conservation Camp Logo

Contact Information


35100 N. San Francisquito Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, CA 91390


(661) 296 – 4409

CDCR Camp Staff

  • Lt. Nunez, Camp Commander
  • Sgt. Pierce, Assistant Camp Commander

About Francisquito Conservation Camp #4

Francisquito Conservation Camp #4, under the administrative supervision of Sierra Conservation Center (SCC), opened in October 1981. The camp was a Los Angeles County fire-training center prior to the opening as a CDCR and LACFD incarcerated fire suppression camp.

CDCR is responsible for the selection, supervision, care, and discipline of the camp participants. LACFD maintains the camp, supervises work of the inmate fire crews, and is responsible for the custody of the hand crews on their daily work project activities.

Camp participants paint and refurbish furniture for other state agencies.

When not fighting fires, incarcerated firefighters perform conservation and community service projects. LACFD determines conservation projects.

Francisquito Camp’s ongoing and completed projects include:

  • Fuel Reduction
  • Fuel Breaks
  • Trail Maintenance and Repair
  • Motorway Maintenance For Utility/Emergency Use
  • Watershed Maintenance with DWP Partners
  • Cleanup of Local Parks and Campgrounds
  • Hazard Reduction For Local Non-Profits

Just as in every CDCR prison, every conservation camp offers rehabilitative and educational services, including substance abuse programs (AA/NA), religious programs, and GED and college courses. Additionally, camp members can participate in hobby crafts programs, sports, music appreciation, pre-release programs, and other leisure time activities during their off-work hours.

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