La Cima Conservation Camp #42

logo of La Cima Conservation Camp

Contact Info

PH: 760-765-3085

CDCR Camp Staff

  • Lieutenant P. Parsons, Camp Commander
  • Sergeant R. Ramirez, Assistant Camp Commander
  • T. Mello, Correctional Officer
  • J. Peralta, Correctional Officer
  • T. Fink, Correctional Officer
  • J. Newman, Correctional Officer
  • D. Perey, Correctional Officer
  • J. Ashley, Correctional Officer


  • B. Kremensky, Division Chief
  • G. Salas, Administrative Captain
  • Vacant, Operations Captain
  • T. Colburn, Fire Captain
  • S. Bucher, Fire Captain
  • E. Winkler, Fire Captain
  • J. Lester, Fire Captain
  • H. Walker, Fire Captain
  • C. Resnick, Fire Captain
  • K. Georgi, Fire Captain
  • S. Holquin, WASPO
  • B. Will, HDM
  • J. Morales, Office Technician

2020 Camp Statistics

CDCR Staff: 8

Total number of inmates: 43

Total inmate capacity: 80

Community Service Projects

CAL Fire inmate fire crews were involved with several community fire prevention and restoration projects during the year averaging over eighty thousand (80,000) man hours a year.

Projects included:

  • Sunrise Fuel Break – Cleaning up brush, widening of fuel break, felling trees, and general construction;
  • Lake Jennings – Weed abatement, and brush clearing;
  • El Capitan, San Vicente, Sutherland Dam – Clearing access roads, and cleaning up surrounding brush overgrowth;
  • Heise Park – Weed abatement, and brush clearing, fell trees, split wood
  • Cuyamaca Peak – Chipping brush, and weed abatement;
  • State Parks – Brush clean-up, felling trees, clearing access roads, and weed abatement, trenching, remove & replace water line, fence repair
  • Community Service Projects – General Clean-up and various restoration projects.
  • Volcan Mountain – – Weed abatement, and brush clearing, fell trees, split wood
  • MVU Headquarters – weed abatement, tree removal, trash/debris clean-up, general landscaping, painting, grading, brick work
  • Camp Maintenance – Asphalt access road, stobbing brush, La Cima fuel break

Inmate Programs

  • Community Betterment
  • Christian Non-Denominational Services

Camp History

La Cima Conservation Camp, operated jointly with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) and CAL Fire, originally opened in November 1966. Over the years, La Cima Conservation Camp has been home to both state and county fire crews. La Cima Camp became a teaching, training and fire facility maintained and operated by CAL Fire in cooperation with the California Conservation Corps.

In October 2004, La Cima reopened under the administrative supervision of (CDCR) Sierra Conservation Center. La Cima is once again operated jointly with CDCR and CAL Fire. La Cima Conservation Camp is located in East San Diego County, is a ninety (90) man fire camp. The primary function of the camp is to fight wild land fires throughout the state, using minimum custody inmates. In addition to fire suppression inmate fire crews provide a workforce for community service projects in the local area.