Miramonte Conservation Camp #5

Miramonte Conservation Camp #5 is jointly operated by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE). The camp’s primary mission is to provide incarcerated hand crews to support local, state, and federal agencies in their response to emergencies such as fires and floods. Camp participants also complete community service and conservation projects year-round.

Miramonte Conservation Camp logo

Contact Information


49039 Orchard Drive, Miramonte, CA 93641


(559) 336-2312

CDCR Camp Staff

  • Lt. T. Presson, Camp Commander
  • Sgt. Cook, Assistant Camp Commander

About Miramonte Conservation Camp #5

Built in 1949, Miramonte Conservation Camp provides fire protection and community services to the Fresno and Kings County area. Since its construction, the camp has left a positive mark within the surrounding communities. This includes inmate-built rock walls, stairs and water culverts, and the memories of seeing inmates and the “red buses” working in the community. Miramonte is located just outside Sequoia National Forest at an elevation of approximately 3,000 feet. It is secluded in the oak studded foothills 55 miles east of Fresno.

Hand crews also perform conservation and community service projects. CAL FIRE determines conservation projects.

Miramonte’s four work crews perform several different Community Service Projects each year. Examples of these projects include work at: Millerton Lake (Bureau of Reclamation/California State Parks and Recreation); Pine Flat Lake (US Army Corps of Engineers); Highway 180 Litter Removal (Cal Trans); Hume Lake and various campgrounds (US Forest Service); Friant Fish Hatchery (California Dept. Fish and Game); Fresno/King Unit Fire Stations (CAL FIRE).

Miramonte was originally designed to produce products within its Welding, Carpentry, Truck Auto Body and Paint shops. Due to changes in these industries, all but the Welding and Carpentry shops have closed. These shops still produce basic welding projects, along with wooden cabinets and signs. In addition, the camp repairs many of the wooden and metal CAL FIRE and U.S. Forest Service signs in the area.

Programs and Services

Just as in every CDCR prison, every conservation camp offers rehabilitative and educational services, including substance abuse programs such as Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous (AA/NA), religious programs, and GED and college courses. Additionally, prior to parole, inmates may obtain a California Identification Card or a California Driver’s License (renewals, duplicates or written testing portion only).

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