Norco Conservation Camp #0


Camp Details

Contact Info

  • 3195 Western Ave. Norco, CA 92860
  • Phone: (951) 737-5911
  • Fax: (951) 737-6613

CDCR Camp Staff

  • Cpt. Brian Allo, Camp Commander
  • Sgt. Henry Ornelas III, Assistant Camp Commander

2021 Camp Statistics

  • CDCR Staff: 3
  • Total number of inmates: 52
  • Total inmate capacity: 95

Community Service Projects

  • Work projects are performed on the local, state, and federal level. These projects include:
  • Fuel break system in the Ortega Mountains
  • Hazard reductions in Lake Elsinore and Lake Perris
  • State park maintenance
  • Miscellaneous projects at facilities in the Riverside Ranger Unit
  • Periodic work at the regional office

Norco crews respond to many fires, floods, and other incidents statewide. The camp is also engaged in a vast variety of grade projects throughout the Inland Empire. Major projects are conducted with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and Riverside County parks.

Norco Conservation Camp facilitates a sign shop. The sign shop products include: uniform name tags, vehicle striping and decals, CAL FIRE facility signs, plaques, Incident Command boards, other vinyl/laser engraved products and boards for state, county and city agencies.

Camp History

Norco Conservation Camp is located in the City of Norco. The Navy established the facility in the early 1940s following the second closure of the Norconian Resort Supreme. The Navy used the Norconian Resort Supreme as a hospital following WWII and the Korean War.

Norco Conservation Camp was officially established in 1972. The camp is located just outside of California Rehabilitation Center’s (CRC) prison fence. Norco operates four incarcerated fire crews staffed by nine CAL FIRE captains. Norco Conservation Camp receives inmates from CRC; firefighter training is conducted at the camp.

Facilities consisted of an existing CDCR-owned 40 X 60 wooden building utilized as an office with two metal “Quonset” type prefab surplus buildings owned by CAL FIRE. The building was erected by camp crews to serve as a workshop and tool warehouse. In 1973, a fuel storage facility was moved to Norco Camp and in 1979, a metal, four-door equipment storage building was erected to house the crew vehicles.

CAL FIRE staff positions were taken originally from Prado and Rainbow Camps consisting of a Ranger I position and three fire crew supervisors. In 1975, the camp was increased from to three to six crews for a total of 60 inmates. The Ranger I position was upgraded to a Ranger II position in 1977, and three carpenter buses were received the same year and placed in service.

In March of 1980, two female inmates participated in the Norco program with the women’s unit being assigned to in-camp support positions. Today, all of the Norco Conservation Camp inmates are male. The camp’s incarcerated firefighters reside within CRC, atypical of other CDCR Conservation Camps.

In 1981, the first continuous “In-Camp Project” was officially initiated. This was the manufacturing of CAL FIRE uniform name tags and other engraved products on a statewide basis. Nametags and other plastic signs were also manufactured for CDCR.