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Enhanced security, cubicles mark HQ changes

Old furniture to be removed as new layout implemented

Within the next nine months, employees at CDCR headquarters in Sacramento will see enhanced security for the building. Meanwhile, older furniture will be moved out and replaced with modular furniture to better use existing space.

Construction of space is anticipated to begin in late January. Painting and carpet replacement/cleaning will begin this week in vacant areas not affected by construction. This work will be completed before and after hours, furlough Fridays, and weekends to minimize disruptions.

These changes are part of the terms that CDCR, its property managers and the Department of General Services agreed upon for renewing the lease.

According to Jan Dietz, Deputy Director for the Facilities Management Division, the lease allows CDCR to maintain a downtown presence. The location is within walking distance of the Capitol and many of the agencies CDCR interacts with as part of its operations.

She said the square footage rate is extremely competitive compared to other available square footage downtown. The lease is for the next eight years, with four years being firm. A variety of upgrades were incorporated into the lease, with no out-of-pocket expense to CDCR.

“As things begin to happen, we plan to communicate with staff and let them know about our schedule of what floors and what areas of the different buildings will be next so they can plan for these events,” Dietz said.

Enhanced security for breezeway, entrances at CDCR headquarters

Enhanced security for the two buildings will be the most visible change to employees and visitors. The improvements include closing off the breezeways, limiting the visitor entrance to S Street. Those who enter without security access badges will also need to use this entrance.

Security officers will be posted at that location. Anyone entering will be required to display their CDCR-issued photo identification or sign in.

“There will also be cameras recording who comes and goes,” Dietz said. “We will ask employees to be vigilant and not let in anyone who isn’t an employee.”

Upgraded work areas

In the past year, many CDCR offices have relocated to a Rancho Cordova office complex.

The empty office space will be reconfigured, replacing older office furniture with newer cubicles received as surplus from the Department of Consumer Affairs. The older furniture is being offered to other state agencies, maximizing state resources.

The modular furniture frees up meeting rooms. Meanwhile, more efficient furniture provides privacy for individual employees, reducing the current square feet needed.

With these and other efficiencies, groups such as Office of Human Resources and Office of Legal Affairs can consolidate into one area. Prior to this, they were scattered across two buildings. This helps make their operations more efficient, better serving CDCR employees and customers.

CDCR space planners have been working on this so called “stacking plan” since fall 2008 to ensure existing space needs and requests are accommodated. Additionally, offices previously scattered around the building can now be in central locations.

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