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FBI director honors CDCR parole agents

FBI honors large group parole agents.
The FBI thanked CDCR parole agents for their help taking down active gang members in Los Angeles.

Anti-gang task force nets guns, cash, drugs, arrests

A wide net was cast last October when Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO) Region III agents joined an FBI and police task force to take gang members off the streets. In all, the parole agents joined more than 1,000 Los Angeles Police officers and FBI Violent Crime Task Force members in the coordinated operation.

The DAPO supervisors and agents were honored at a January 8 FBI ceremony in Los Angeles. The agents received Letters of Recognition from FBI Director Robert Mueller III.

The CDCR agents were recognized “for outstanding assistance to the FBI in connection with its investigative efforts. Your cooperation was of immeasurable help to our representatives.”

Mueller shared his gratitude for DAPO’s support.

“Take pride in the role played in the success achieved. My associates and I congratulate you on a job well done,” Director Mueller wrote.

Parole agents, FBI, law enforcement serve dozens of warrants

On Oct. 22, 2009, 12 parole unit supervisors and agents led by (Los Angeles) Mid-City District Administrator Joe Martinez partnered with LAPD and FBI SWAT/Tactical teams. Together, they served about 70 arrest warrants to active parolees or felony probationers. In addition to large amounts of narcotics, task force members seized handguns, rifles, and cash during the investigation.

“Operation 40 Ounces to Freedom” targeted The Rollin 40s Crips, a street gang charged in multiple criminal activities. In all, there were 23 federal indictments and 45 state warrants served alleged roles in a narcotics trafficking conspiracy that operated in a three-square-mile area of Los Angeles.

Seventy-four members of the gang were charged with conspiracy, possession with the intent to distribute crack cocaine and methamphetamine, as well as firearms violations. Forty-five additional members were named in state charges for their roles in illegal drug distribution.

The investigation began in 2008, addressing gang-related and persistent violence fueled by drug trafficking. The investigation also identified regional parolees involved in the crimes.

The parole agents honored

Parole Agent Roger Kemp played a significant role identifying and contacting the parolees in the Mid-Town 2 Unit. Because of this, he was singled out for praise by Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck in a letter to Parole Administrator Joe Martinez. Five of the seven suspected parolees were arrested. Additionally, prior to these charges, the investigation resulted in 51 felony arrests and 35 misdemeanor arrests, separate from the others arrested in this operation, including other members of the Rollin’ 40’s Crips gangs and members of other gangs.

CDCR agents honored by FBI Director Mueller:

  • Henrik Agasyan, Parole Agent I, Northeast 1 Unit
  • Irene Carrasco, Parole Agent I, Northeast 1 Unit
  • Roger Kemp, Parole Agent I, Midtown 2 Unit (Gang GPS)
  • Melanie Reyes, Parole Agent I, Midtown 2 Unit
  • Luis Robles, Parole Agent I, Midtown 2 Unit
  • Francisco Saldana, Parole Agent I, Midtown 2 Unit
  • Mike Williams, Parole Agent I, Huntington Park 1 Unit (Gang GPS)
  • Dan Ramirez, Parole Agent II, Region III GPS Coordinator
  • Steven Reinhart, Parole Agent II, Region III GPS Coordinator
  • Gabriel Rogers, Parole Agent II, Region III GPS Coordinator
  • John Bernal, Unit Supervisor, Midtown 2 Unit
  • Manya Washington, Unit Supervisor, Northeast 1 Unit
  • Joe Martinez, Parole Administrator, Mid-City District

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