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1930: Warden thanks volunteers in inmate‑run newspaper

Bright yellow newspaper with the word "extra" in big bold type.
The Wall City News, published by San Quentin inmates, circa 1930.

(Editor’s note: On Sept. 10, 1930, San Quentin State Prison’s inmate newspaper The Wall City News published an edition in which the warden thanked visitors who came to the prison for a special event. Warden James Holohan was in the post from 1927 until 1936. Today, the prison publishes the inmate newspaper San Quentin News.)

As he left the stands at the conclusion of San Quentin’s seventeenth annual field and track meet, Warden James B. Holohan voiced his appreciation for the cooperation and support of those who have made this prison’s yearly athletic and entertainment event a possibility.

“San Quentin is happier today than it has been for many weeks. The institution’s morale is higher. And, the men are more contented as they proceed about their duties. This is the natural sequence to our annual field meet.

“For this, as well as for the day’s enjoyment, we are grateful to our friends of the San Francisco Olympic Club and to the others who so splendidly gave of their time, effort and support. Their cooperation has made this prison’s greatest holiday a tremendous success.

“Like education, vocational training and other constructive opportunities, such as our road camps, athletic competition is one of the finest factors in prison and other institutional life.

“Our annual field meets do more than merely provide an outlet for restrained energies. They demonstrate more clearly than anything else that the men confined in this prison have a right to feel that an attitude of understanding and friendship toward them exists among leaders in outside communities.

“This manifestation of sincere regard does much to encourage within each imprisoned individual the desire to ‘make good’ after his or her release.

“And for each of these things which our outside friends have again demonstrated to us, we are severely grateful.”