Above the Call

While training, ISU team rushes to help crash victim

Smashed car sits in field.
While training off-site, DVI's ISU team witnessed an accident on I-5 and rushed to assist.

Off-site training for the Deuel Vocational Institution Investigative Services Unit (ISU) team turned into a real-world scenario when they spotted a car flipping end-over-end off the freeway.

On Sept. 2, 2018, at 8:45 a.m., ISU staff heard the sound of screeching tires coming from Interstate 5. The team saw see a small passenger vehicle come off the highway flipping end over end, then rolling approximately five times before coming to a stop.

ISU team officers immediately ran to the scene to render aid.

Lt. Kenny Jimenez called 911 and reported the accident. Meanwhile, Sgt. Carl Enos assisted Anna, the 22-year-old victim, keeping her calm and reassuring her. Anna was bleeding from the mouth, but otherwise appeared to be uninjured. ISU officers escorted Anna to the vehicle belonging to Officer Robert Willox. While at the vehicle, she was able to sit and wait for EMS to arrive. ISU staff then searched the vehicle for any other possible victims.

While speaking with Anna, ISU staff members learned she had been forced off the road by a vehicle that was now pulled over to the side of the freeway. At the direction of Sgt. Jose Abarca, Officers Michael Krohn, Pedro Ramirez and John Marquez ran up the embankment and made contact with the alleged suspect. The officers requested he remain at the scene while waiting for the California Highway Patrol.

By Lt. Christene Zoucha

An ambulance, sheriff's car and crashed car, along with first-responders in uniform.
The ISU team stayed until the accident was cleared.

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