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Music therapy at California Medical Facility

As music therapy, a man in blue shirt sings in microphone while correctional officer plays guitar.
Music therapy at California Medical Facility is part of a rehabilitative program.

Video by Ike Dodson
Produced by Terri Hardy

Office of Public and Employee Communications

Music plays an important rehabilitative role in many CDCR programs. At California Medical Facility (CMF), the Psychiatric Inpatient Program has trained music therapists overseeing the group. Music helps the healing process as they work with the patients to teach coping skills for suicidal thoughts, chronic depression, anger and anxiety.

Some of the patients do not have a music background and they learn to play instruments. As they progress and practice songs of their choice, patients also learn discipline and cooperation skills. In 2019, the program’s ensemble group formed the band A-3 Project.

They performed at CMF’s Prison Palooza, an exuberant first-of-its kind music festival. Patients, music therapists and corrections staff jammed together. The group brought the audience to its feet, applauding and cheering. Tim McGinty, a music therapist, said the experience was not only great entertainment, but also provided his group with an important therapeutic achievement.

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