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Inmate firefighter interviews with CAL FIRE

Two men pose in uniform in front of a fire engine.
Fire Chief Turner, left, and inmate Reeves.

By Lt. Elias Garcia, California Correctional Institution

California Correctional Institution Fire Chief Daniel Turner recently took inmate firefighter David Reeves to the Clark Training Center in Riverside to take a CAL FIRE exam for Fire Apparatus Engineer. Inmate Reeves qualified to take this exam due to his experience and training received at the institution’s fire department.

If inmate Reeves passes the exam, he will be placed on a list and can apply to all available jobs. The list can be used to fill vacancies statewide.

“I was shocked that I would be considered for this. I studied every chance I could and with all the training we do here at (the institution), I felt really good about the test,” Reeves said.

“Inmate Reeves is used often as a lead man in his group. Reeves spends a lot of his time helping the other inmate firefighters get up to speed. Reeves is self-motivated, and initiates a lot of training. I expect to see good things out of him,” said Fire Chief Turner.

Reeves is scheduled for release in August 2019.