Community Involvement

CDCR Honor Guards assist with slain police officer’s memorial

People in uniforms stand at attention in a line.
CSP-Solano Honor Guard joins other law enforcement personnel to pay their respects to fallen Officer Tara O'Sullivan.

By J. Montano, Correctional Counselor II

On June 27, 2019, the Honor Guard from California State Prison, Solano, joined other CDCR honor guard teams along with thousands of peace officers from hundreds of different agencies from all over the country to pay tribute to slain Sacramento Police Officer Tara O’Sullivan. After her memorial service, a motor procession took her to the cemetery.

There was overwhelming support from the community who saluted the procession from sidewalks and freeway overpasses. Many more pulled over on the freeway to get out of their cars and salute or wave the flag. Some even stood on the roofs of their cars, or got onto firetrucks.

Officer O’Sullivan was shot and killed June 19 when she responded to a domestic disturbance. She was 26 years old.

Men and women in uniform stand in front of a church.
CSP-Solano joined other CDCR Honor Guard teams to help at Officer O’Sullivan’s memorial.