Above the Call

Two prison medical employees help save injured motorcyclist

Woman in scrubs and man in regular clothing stand in front of the plaque for Mule Creek State Prison.
Medical Assistant Samantha Lopez and Registered Nurse Maunish Sharma helped save a motorcyclist's life.

By Lieutenant Angelo Gonzalez

In early July, two Mule Creek State Prison employees came across the scene of a motorcycle accident, with the victim in a life-threatening situation.

On July 5, at 6:15 a.m., Mule Creek State Prison Medical Assistant Samantha Lopez and Registered Nurse Maunish Sharma assisted in providing medical attention to a motorcyclist who was struck by an automobile on Highway 88.

Lopez, who was driving to work, was the first to arrive on scene. Sharma was close behind, on his way home from working a double-shift at the prison 

Together, they provided emergency medical attention prior to emergency services arriving. 

The victim sustained life-threatening injuries. Both arms were broken as were both legs. The victim was breathing but not responsive. 

Lopez, a new CDCR hire with just seven weeks in the department, tore off her shirt to help stop the bleeding. Then she was able to get information for the victim’s emergency contact.

“I hoped his wife got my voicemail and I hoped my shirt was good enough as a tourniquet to stop him from bleeding out,” she said.

Sharma, an eight-year CDCR veteran, assessed the situation and responded.

“There’s no emergency medical services around at this time and I thought maybe there was something I could do to help the situation become a little more manageable until help arrived. Obvious injuries were multiple compound fractures to the limbs,” Sharma said. “The more serious issue was the possibility of internal injuries not readily apparent.” 

Emergency services arrived and transported the victim to a local hospital. The victim should recover, thanks to the quick actions of the two employees.