CDCR event collects men’s ties for empowerment of youth

Three women hold men's ties facing the camera
From left are Rosanna Rodriguez, Staff Services Manger II; Vanessa Melendez, Correctional Sergeant; and Tiffany Pena, Associate Governmental Program Analyst.

A Human Resources event, in collaboration with Mule Creek State Prison, the Office of Peace Officer Selection, and the Division of Facility Planning, Construction & Management collected hundreds of men’s ties to empower youth.

Katherine Minnich, CDCR Human Resources Deputy Director, recently hosted the collection of ties for a non-profit organization, All Tied Up.

The Oakland-based organization, through encouragement and focused engagement, cultivates a community of young men with vision to achieve their greatest self. 

Two women sitting with a box of men's ties between them
Caitlin Perretto, left, Special Assistant to Katherine Minnich, Human Resources Deputy Director; and Camden Flowers, Youth Aid, Employee Health and Wellness.

Armand Carr, All Tied Up founder and chief executive officer, said, “By providing the necessary tools to succeed we create a resilient community of future leaders able to adapt and overcome adversities.  All Tied Up engages its participants by offering activities to develop social skills and competencies needed to be effective leaders, subsequently improving our communities.

“In short, our young men become better problem solvers and decision makers, which means they are less likely to be involved in destructive behavior,” Carr said.

All Tied Up recently earned a Jefferson Award for Public Service.

Deputy Director Minnich is devoted to the health and wellbeing of the CDCR staff and their families. This effort was an extension of her commitment as she believes the youth are our future and was happy to lead this event as community efforts allow us to listen, collaborate, remove barriers, and lead by example.

As motivational speaker Ty Howard said: “Everybody deserves somebody who encourages them to believe in, go after, capture, and live out their life’s purposely fearlessly.”