Imperial Valley College helps offenders get education

Men in blue clothing hunch over tables to write.
A college representative helps Centinela State Prison inmates fill out admission paperwork.

By Lt. Dana Mortimer

Representatives from the Admissions Office at Imperial Valley (IVC) College offered seminars on the facilities in order to pre-enroll inmates for the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 college semesters.

During the seminar various topics were discussed, but college officials emphasized dedication and commitment required by the inmate students.

“We need your 100% dedication, there are no shortcuts,” one representative said.

Approximately 108 inmates attended the seminars and completed the college admissions paperwork.

Inmate-students who attended similar seminars held by IVC in 2016 are scheduled to graduate with their Associates Degree in Arts which is transferable to a Degree in Psychology.

Warden Madden said, “As a Department we provide the offender every opportunity to change their way of thinking through education and rehabilitative programs.”