Division of Adult Parole Operations, Rehabilitation

Popular surfing event gets help from state parole staff

Men and women in uniforms with beach in background.
South Coast District parole staff from right are F. Stokes, P. Cooper, S. Truong, D. Radtke, D. Mitchell, L. Whitmore and T. Williams.

By Paul Cooper, Parole Administrator (A)
DAPO South Coast District

“U.S Open of Surfing Turns into Riot” was the headline in July 2013. After that incident, Agent Douglas Radtke saw a need and formed a cooperative relationship with the Huntington Beach Police Department. This partnership has mutually benefited both agencies.

In that time the Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO) South Coast District has made a concerted effort to provide the Huntington Beach police with visible assistance each year during the Vans U.S. Open of Surfing. This year was no different.

Four men in uniform.
South Coast District parole staff from right are E. Boyd, J. Dowling, D. Radtke and X. Tong.

The Vans US Open of Surfing has become the largest special event hosted by the City of Huntington Beach. The event ran for nine days starting July 27 and ended Aug. 4.

The event included professional and amateur surfing, professional skateboarding and BMX bike events. People from all over the world descended upon Huntington Beach to partake in the festivities.

DAPO Parole Agents at any given time were faced with large crowds of people on the beach and in the downtown area.

Their primary mission was to protect lives, property and to maintain the public order of those in attendance. In addition, Agent Radtke and his team assisted in preserving the peace and facilitating a lawful event.

Their primary focus was to prevent and stop criminal activity, facilitate the safe and efficient flow of pedestrian traffic to and from the venue as well as maintain a visible, high profile and professional presence.

DAPO Parole Agents assisted the Huntington Beach Police Department with several arrests during the course of the event. The operation was a success and DAPO’s visible presence in the community made a difference, according to organizers.

Sand sculpture with words Vans US Open of Surfing 2019 Huntington Beach.
The surfing event draws thousands from around the world.