Employee Wellness

California Correctional Center thanks staff for hard work

Woman throws softball at a dunk tank, as another woman drops into the water.
Warden Suzanne Peery, left, received thorough dunkings at the California Correctional Center staff appreciation day.

Employees treated to games, barbecue and prizes

By Lt. Charlene Billings

California Correctional Center administrators celebrated their appreciation for staff employed throughout the institution, firehouse, and 18 northern fire camps by hosting a staff appreciation day for all to enjoy.

A disc jockey entertained employees by playing various songs, while they engaged in several games such as corn hole competitions, balloon games, karaoke and more.

Woman smiles and laughs as a very wet man gives her a hug.
Prison management took turns getting dunked.

Union Representatives, Supervisors, Managers, and Administrators sat in the dunk tank while staff took turns throwing softballs at a target and dunking them one by one into a large barrel of water.

Administrators served popcorn, snow cones, hamburgers and hotdogs to staff during the event as a way to show appreciation for their hard work and dedication to the department.

Numerous gifts were donated to the C.A.R.E. Foundation by various local businesses, and all staff employed at CCC whether on duty or not, including custody, non-custody, contract employees and camps were entered into a drawing to win the prizes.

Administrators also worked diligently throughout the night as they prepared breakfast burritos and delivered them to staff working first watch to ensure all staff were recognized.

People run at each other with inflated balloons.
Prison employees played games during the appreciation day.