Community Involvement

EIS Our Promise Carnival makes a splash

Man falls into water at a dunking tank. Woman observes the action.
EIS Director Russ Nichols drops into the water at the dunking tank during the 2019 Our Promise carnival.

On Thursday, Sept. 12, EIS hosted its Our Promise Kickoff Carnival.  With 20 charitable organizations in attendance, a complimentary barbecue and carnival games throughout the Aerojet Campus, the EIS Carnival was one for the record books.

During the festival, EIS staff raised $806 dollars for charity. Staff were able to learn more about the benefits of the Our Promise campaign in a fun and festive setting.  

Man tosses ball in air as man in a dunk tank in the background looks on
An EIS staffer tosses prepares to try to dunk EIS executive into the water at the Our Promise Carnival.

The EIS Management Team volunteered to take turns in the seat of a dunk tank.  With a minimum donation of $5 for three tries, the dunk tank generated over $600 for charity.

EIS Director Russ Nichols was great sport as staff lined up for a chance to sink the boss.  The other dunkees this year were Hector Gomez, Mikel Chick, Edmond Blagdon, Scott Davidson, and Marques Morgan.    

The recipients of this year’s event are St. John’s Program for Real Change, Project R.I.D.E, and Shriner’s Hospital for Children, Sacramento (both links open new tabs). The three charities are all long time organizations working for the betterment of people’s lives in the Sacramento region.

They are just some of the thousands of charitable organizations that can be the beneficiaries of your donations through the Our Promise program. 

Tom Runge, CDCR campaign Co-Chair said, “You can really feel the generous spirit of CDCR employees today. Giving back to the community is what this campaign is all about.  It is a privilege to be able match our employees up with all the great charities in our community. I’m proud to be a part of the CDCR family.”    

Three women look at table with Our Promise material on it.
Checking out an Our Promise charity.