Above the Call

Four employees render aid to crash victim

A man in uniform stands beside another man who is wearing a lanyard.
Correctional Counselor N. Hernandez, left, and Officer A. Morales.

On Oct. 23, while driving toward California Correctional Institution (CCI), four CDCR employees came up on a car accident on Highway 202.

Correctional Counselor Nicholas Hernandez, Correctional Officer Albert Morales, Associate Governmental Program Analyst Daniel Hauck, and Registered Nurse David Willer responded quickly to assess the scene and render assistance.

Man in red shirt and man wearing scrubs.
AGPA Daniel Hauck, left, and Registered Nurse David Willer.

Hernandez and Morales rushed to the vehicle that had rolled numerous times and was on its side. Inside they found a severely injured woman who also happened to be a registered nurse at a regional hospital.

Willer and Hauck worked to secure the crash victim then started rendering aid.

Another motorist stopped to help. Along with Hernandez and Officer Morales, they began working to remove the nurse from the mangled wreck.

A local Sheriff’s Deputy stopped, called in the accident and halted traffic while the CDCR staff members worked quickly to get the nurse out of the vehicle. Her vital signs were diminishing and they knew immediate life-saving measures would be needed. 

As the four continued to work to remove the nurse, Kern County Fire and an ambulance arrived. Together, they successfully removed the nurse and began CPR. 

The nurse was transported to a hospital where she later succumbed to her injuries. 

These CDCR staff members provided assistance, comforted her in her time of need, and fought to save her life.