Division of Adult Parole Operations, Rehabilitation

28 parolees receive construction certificates

Men and women gathered in a large group.
Multi-Craft Apprenticeship Training graduates.

By Vincent Thompson, Parole Administrator
Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO)

Twenty-eight formerly incarcerated men and women assigned to the Los Angeles Central, Mid-City and El Monte Parole Districts graduated from a four-week construction-training program. Throughout the training, they received support and encouragement from the adult program unit staff, the supervisors and their agents. 

The graduates received certificates for completing the MC3 Multi-Craft required certification classes enabling them to apply for and begin a career in construction, utilities, energy and safety industries. Several of the graduates have already been employed.

Parole Agent III Supervisor Sheila Green-Beck, Retired Parole Administrator Raymond Moorehead, and Parole Administrator Vincent Thompson were instrumental in the planning and coordination of training. The training culminated with a graduation ceremony Oct. 1 at the Alameda Parole Complex.

Chief Deputy Regional Parole Administrator Jacqueline Waltman was the keynote speaker at the event.  She provided words of encouragement to the parolees to take advantage of the employment and she congratulated them for their achievements.

Parole Administrator Thompson, Parole Administrator Talwar, and Supervisor Green-Beck also spoke to the graduates and their families at the event. They provided words of encouragement to the parolees and thanked the DAPO employees for the support that they had provided to select, refer, and encourage the graduates for the training to assist them to address their criminogenic needs, and become productive members of their communities.   

PAIII Supervisor Ignacio Arce and PAII Supervisor Manuel Banuelos recognized several parolees who were selected by the instructors for exceeding the requirements of the training with certificates and incentive gift cards.  All of the graduates received certificates from the Southern Region Regional Parole Administrator Karen Thacker. 

The completion of the training was a significant achievement for the graduates. The families expressed their gratitude to the DAPO employees for providing the opportunities to the parolees and how they were happy to be a part of the celebration.      

Men and women stand in front of a screen and flags.
From left are graduate Angel Perez, Parole Agent G. Vasquez; Agent L. Ferguson, graduate Sylvester Reed; Agent O. Cardenas, graduate Marvin Martinez; graduate Robert Butler, Agent H. Mendoza; graduate Johnny Gray, and Agent L. Martinez.