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Alder Conservation Camp inmates craft 486 toys for Santa’s Workshop

Two inmates hold a large dollhouse.
From doll houses to toy toolboxes, Alder Camp inmates used their skills to assist Santa's Workshop.

By Alder Conservation Camp staff

Every year, CDCR inmates assigned to CALFIRE fire crews at Alder Conservation Camp #20 in the Humboldt Del Norte Unit (HUU), give back to the community as they work as elves for Santa’s workshop.

In their spare time, the inmates build various toys from dollhouses, cars, boats, planes, toy toolboxes, stilts, rocking horses, and more for the underprivileged children of Del Norte County to receive for Christmas.

Inmate holds a toy wooden plane.
An inmate shows off the toy plane he crafted. The toy will be donated to children in need.

This year the inmates have made 486 toys for Santa’s Workshop. Many inmates said they were grateful to have the opportunity to give back to the community.

Alder Conservation Camp takes an active part in the community and assists with projects such as fuel reduction, trail maintenance, road cleanup, disaster response and more.

Given the opportunity to build toys for children has had a great impact on the inmates, because it brings joy to children and enhances their Christmas spirit.

“I am truly proud of the relationship between CDCR staff and Cal Fire staff at Alder Conservation Camp, as they work tirelessly to be part of Santa’s Workshop as well as our other cooperators such as Cal Trans, State Parks, National Parks, and Del Norte Tribal Nations who have donated the wood which the toys are made of. This is a great example of a community coming together for a shared purpose and a common goal,” said David Esteves, Assistant Chief, CALFIRE,
HUU North Division.

Inmates and CALFIRE staff pose for a group photo.
Alder Camp inmates and staff pitch in to help with Santa’s Workshop.