Division of Adult Parole Operations, Rehabilitation

Positive attitudes shine at Women Empowerment parolee meeting

By DAPO staff

On Feb. 6, the San Gabriel Valley Parole District hosted a Women Empowerment Meeting for the female offender population at America’s Job Center of California — Hacienda La Puente Adult Education Cosmetology School. Twenty-five women were treated to a day of motivational morale boosting, which included their choice of make-up, hairstyle or manicure. The day began with a lot of skepticism, but quickly shifted to a more positive outlook. 

Some of the women participated with a loved one, and had a chance to bond with each other. After being involved in the Women Empowerment meeting for approximately one year, it was a pleasure to see smiles on the faces of individuals who believed the system had failed or forgotten them. Parole organizers said they hope to continue to bring smiles, and make this a yearly event.

The San Gabriel Valley Women Empowerment Meeting would not have been possible without the continued support from Division of Adult Parole Operations staff; Tiffany Johnson, Parole Administrator, San Gabriel Valley District; Lorraine Gaeta with the cosmetology school; the staff who facilitate the program; Parole Agent II Specialist (A) Brian Crockett, Parole Agents David Ortiz, Valerie Alamillo and Michelle Victor. Other organizers included Michelle Mahlstede, Parole Service Associate, Adult Program Unit; and support staff Denaya Andrews and Lizette Hernandez.