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In this together: Insights, best practices for wearing masks

Incarcerated people serving on the Inmate Advisory Councils at several CDCR prisons share their reasons for wearing cloth facial barriers. The California Prison Industry Authority has supplied five reusable cloth barrier masks to each member of the incarcerated population, and three per staff member. Staff working or performing duties on institutional grounds are required to wear a facial barrier at a minimum.

In addition, maintaining physical distancing requirements when moving about the institution for routine tasks is still recommended. Incarcerated people are required to wear their masks in any situation that requires movement outside of their cell or while in a dorm setting, during interactions with other members of the incarcerated population such as yard time and canteen services, and when moving to or from health care appointments or medication administration areas.

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Incarcerated people wear face coverings during pandemic.
Participants in the Pawz Behind Wallz dog-training program at California Institution for Men demonstrate proper mask wearing and physical distancing along with their service dogs in training.