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FAQs regarding making Inside CDCR accessible

(Editor’s note: State websites, including CDCR and CCHCS, must be accessible for those using assistive devices or software. )

The CDCR Office of Public and Employee Communications frequently receives feedback and questions regarding the online employee news section of the official CDCR website. While questions are answered individually, this section should serve to help answer the most common queries.

Who can see Inside CDCR? Why does it need to be accessible?

As part of the state’s CDCR website, Inside CDCR is viewable to everyone with internet access, including the general public. Since it’s a public website, it needs to abide by legislation.

“California Government Code Section 11546.7 requires the director and chief information officer of each state agency or state entity to certify that the agency/entity’s website is compliant with Web Accessibility Standards.”

Learn more about CDCR’s commitment to accessibility.

Why can’t fundraiser flyers or posters be published in Inside CDCR?

Most fundraisers are regional so participants would most likely come from the area nearest to the event. The flyers also do not meet accessibility standards.

Why aren’t PDFs published to Inside CDCR?

To avoid issues with remediating PDFs, Inside CDCR does not publish them. There are other avenues for posting PDFs, such as to the employee-only CDCR Hub (formerly the Intranet) or CCHCS Lifeline.

Why aren’t comments allowed on stories?

The ability for readers to post comments to stories was lost during the redesign to make the CDCR site accessible. It is a function we hope can be restored at some point in the future. For now, feedback may be sent to the editor, who will then forward it to the appropriate person.

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