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CDCR workers support crafty couple’s charity efforts

A couple holds an oversized check for $40,000 made out to Children's Miracle Network.
Mary and Marvin Basler have raised over $40,000 for RIte Aid's fundraiser benefiting Children's Miracle Network. Marvin is a CCWF correctional officer.

By Lt. Ronald Ramirez
Central California Women’s Facility

Employees at Central California Women’s Facility are supporting of the fundraising efforts of their coworker, Correctional Officer Marvin Basler, and his wife Mary. The crafty couple are key fundraisers for the Children’s Miracle Network — and specifically Valley Children’s Hospital.

Mary, a former employee at Rite Aid, has been a campaign booster for the chain’s work to raise money for charity. This year, the Baslers raised $10,500. Since 2012, they’ve raised $40,190 for the campaign.

The couple purchase all the materials. Mary crafts unique items from aprons and handbags to oven mitts and masks while CCWF staff buys them from Officer Basler.

Mary worked at Rite Aid in Chowchilla for 23 years but is still involved in the store’s fundraising campaign. All year long, she works to raise funds, with the support of her husband and his coworkers.

Masks are wrapped in plastic.
Masks are just some of the crafts the Blasers have sold to raise funds for charity.

With the pandemic, Mary shifted her focus and sold more than 2,000 masks.

“God gave me the gift, I might as well use it for a good cause,” she said.

For the Baslers, donating to Valley Children’s is personal. Before their granddaughter was born, medical professionals discovered cysts in the baby’s ovaries. Immediately after birth, Valley Children’s performed surgery, saving little Susana’s ability to someday have children of her own. Now 20, Susana aspires to one day become a medical technician.  

“Thank you Mary and Marvin for all of the time and funds you have donated to Valley Children’s,” CCWF organizers said. “We are forever grateful and so are the kids and families who have benefited because of you.”

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