Our Promise

Our Promise makes it easy to support your cause

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Nonprofits need our help more than ever. Many are facing budget cuts and funding challenges due to COVID-19, especially those who hold in-person fundraisers. At the same time, community members in need are turning to these organizations more than ever.

Each year the Our Promise campaign publishes its Nonprofit Guide, which provides an overview of the Our Promise giving process and a list of hundreds of nonprofit donors to support.

But remember, just because a nonprofit isn’t listed on the official guide doesn’t mean you can’t support them. All you need is the organization’s name, tax ID number and address, so the campaign can confirm their 501(c)(3) status.

This year’s Nonprofit Guide is available at https://www.ourpromiseca.org/nonprofitguide.

If you’d like to give, make sure to sign up at Cal Employee Connect, a web-based, self-service, portal available to California state employees. Cal Employee Connect allows employees to access their pay warrants online and to make voluntary one-time or ongoing donations to charitable organizations.

Learn more at https://www.ourpromiseca.org/.

Share your passion for helping. We want to feature YOU! CDCR and CCHCS staff go above and beyond each day by giving back to their communities. Please share your photos, videos, or messages about you and your co-workers’ charitable efforts and the organizations you support, and we’ll feature them on Inside CDCR and social media. Send to Our Promise Campaign Chair and Co-Chair Sonia Mercado and Krissi Khokhobashvili (both emails can be found in Global).