Pro boxer inspires others at RJ Donovan Correctional Facility

RJD Correctional Facility Inmates listen to men speak.
Visiting RJD Correctional Facility are, seated from left, Scott Budnick, and Lupe Valenzuela and Ryan Garcia.

The incarcerated population at Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility recently received a visit from special guests to encourage hope and rehabilitation.  Among the visitors were Hollywood producer and prison reform advocate Scott Budnick, producer of the Hangover movies, and 22-year-old professional boxer Ryan Garcia.

Garcia has a boxing record of 20 wins with 17 knockouts and 0 losses. The duo both delivered words of encouragement to the incarcerated population

Many were moved, saying it gave them hope to do the right thing and prepare themselves to be citizens in the community again.

Garcia shared the story of his success and his upbringing in Victorville.

“I grew up poor and started boxing at the age of 7 in my garage. I became known as the professional boxer who trained out of his garage,” Garcia said.

The population also shared stories of their own, discussing accomplishments and milestones earned while incarcerated.

“It’s amazing to see the changes these inmates have made, the opportunity for them to parole one day is there. Our goal is to put rehabilitated individuals back into society, who may one day be our neighbors,” said Lt. Hector Ferrel.