Above the Call

CSP‑Corcoran staff member helps at accident scene

CSP-Corcoran Office Technician Jessica Macias Mercado stands beside a flag pole.
CSP-Corcoran Office Technician Jessica Macias Mercado.

By Lt. Anthony Peterson

On Oct. 12, CSP-Corcoran Office Technician Jessica Macias Mercado left work thinking it was just another ordinary day. Instead of a calm ride home, she ended up helping an accident victim.

After passing a semi-truck on her way home, she looked back in her rear view mirror and saw a car spinning out of control and striking a telephone pole.

The force of the impact caused the vehicle’s axle to land upright on the telephone pole, igniting a small fire. She immediately turned her vehicle around and ran to assist.

She saw a man get out of the vehicle and begin picking up some of his personal belongings that had been scattered on the roadway.

Since she had previously received first-responder certifications, she checked his safety, called 911 and kept the man calm until emergency personnel arrived. Others continued to pass by the accident without stopping.

The driver explained he hit a pothole, causing him to lose control. He thanked Macias Mercado for stopping to assist. The fire was extinguished and the driver was transported to the hospital, where he was treated and released.

Jessica Macias Mercado assisted at an accident scene. The car is shown smoking and a telephone pole is down.
A car crash sparked a small fire. Jessica Macias Mercado was able to assist the accident victim while she was on her way home from CSP-Corcoran.