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Dentists join COVID‑19 vaccination efforts

A doctor administers a vaccine to another person.
Dr. Rosenberg vaccinates Undersecretary Diana Toche.

CDCR, CCHCS dentists have joined the COVID-19 vaccination efforts. Nearly 60,000 staff members and patients have been vaccinated statewide throughout state correctional facilities. This massive undertaking has been, and continues to be, a big lift requiring teamwork and departments reaching out to help one another.

Today we’re spotlighting the work of our dentists. The vaccine distribution effort is a large undertaking and we’re grateful for the help we’ve received. More than 96 percent of CDCR’s dentists have received training for COVID-19 vaccination and are helping with these efforts.

Dr. Morton Rosenberg, our statewide dental director, was critical to that effort.

“We had thought there must be a way for dentists to be able to contribute to this whole vaccination effort,” he said.

A California Department of Consumer Affairs emergency waiver in early January allowed dentists to administer the vaccine during the pandemic.

“Having this opportunity to provide vaccinations really opens the door for dentists in the community to work closer with their health care colleagues and become part of the team,” Rosenberg said.

Rosenberg and other CDCR dentists have also volunteered their vaccination services in the community. These actions are helping save lives.

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