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CMF Warden shaves head for lymphoma

Large group of the CMF incarcerated population show support in battling lymphoma.
CMF's incarcerated population shows their support for a teacher battling lymphoma.

Teacher’s personal lymphoma battle sparks CMF support

A teacher’s battle with lymphoma inspired staff and incarcerated students to show their support.

When California Medical Facility (CMF) Education Teacher Christopher Fioritto was diagnosed with lymphoma, the Education Department immediately rallied behind him by shaving their heads or wearing knit caps. The support came from both staff and students. Fioritto describes the support as something “you can’t quite put your finger on. There’s obviously something awesome happening here.”

The effort then moved beyond the educators when acting Warden Daniel E. Cueva heard about their outstanding display of support. After a discussion with Fioritto, the Rock the Bald Fundraiser was formed with all donations going to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. 

On March 12, Fioritto and Warden Cueva met on CMF’s entrance steps. The head shave began with Fioritto taken the first swipes with the clippers.

“I’m glad I can do a little to support a family member of ours,” Warden Cueva said.

Many members of the incarcerated population participated with donations, and shaving their heads to show support of Fioritto. To this point, staff and the incarcerated population have raised over $2,400.

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