Community Involvement

Mule Creek State Prison warden throws first pitch for Little League

Mule Creek State Prison staff understand fundraising is about building relationships to bring people and communities together. This is evident in their recent fundraising efforts to purchase a new scoreboard for the Amador County Little League West.

In late fall 2020, the institution partnered with Taco Bell. Roughly $23,000 was generated for the local restaurants, while $7,300 went toward the scoreboard effort.

To honor their efforts, Little League invited Warden Patrick Covello to throw out the first pitch during opening ceremonies on March 27. The prison’s honor guard presented the colors and Correctional Officer Stormy Sergent sang the National Anthem. Associate Director Spearman also attended the ceremony.  

“First and foremost, I am a public servant and my staff are public servants, and if we can help the public by doing a food sale in a safe manner, then that’s what we will do,” said Warden Covello.

Submitted by Lt. Angelo Gonzales.