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Avenal prison skateboard artists help kids

Avenal prison painted skateboard featured three portraits.
Avenal prison artist Jesse Moreno's skateboard fetched the most in an auction to help children.

For the second consecutive year, Avenal State Prison incarcerated artists painted skateboards for Fresno Skateboard Salvage. Thanks to their creativity, $10,500 was raised to help children.

In all, 50 boards were painted by artists on Facilities E and F. The boards were auctioned to the public via Facebook on April 10.

Avenal prison artist Jesse Moreno’s skateboard fetched the highest amount with $1,180. His subject matter for the board included portraits of Breonna Taylor, Vanessa Guillen and Patricia Alatorre. 

Funds from the auction allows Rodney Rodriguez and his nonprofit group, Fresno Skateboard Salvage, to help 130 kids in valley communities.

Why does he do it? “I can’t make sure the kids are well fed or in a healthy home environment, but I can make sure that these kids can achieve their desire to skate and give them a potential purpose in life,” Rodriguez said.

Story by Lt. James Campbell.

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