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Pleasant Valley prison bicycles help Huron

Correctional officers on bicycles.
From left are Mayor Leon, Officer Acosta, Chaplain Zamudio, Officer Corona, and Sgt. DePond.

When Huron needed bicycles, Mayor Rey Leon turned to nearby Pleasant Valley State Prison (PVSP). The city’s clean energy and green projects rely on transportation alternatives, such as bikes. Warden (A) Ron Godwin was happy to lend a hand.

The prison bicycle shop, along with correctional staff and incarcerated workers, prepped 25 bikes to fill Huron’s request. Varying in size, the cycles were donated to Huron’s Community Bicycle Shop. The shop offers a donation program for area residents. In the city’s program, people of all ages volunteer to teach each other how to maintain and repair bicycles. There is no charge for the city’s program.

Via Recreativa, or Recreation Way, is Huron’s recent bicycle program that secures a lane once per week for six hours. Since streets are reserved for motorized vehicles, and parks used by families for picnics, cyclists don’t have many options.

Through Huron’s Via Recreativa initiative, families can take a safe morning bike ride or a nice walk in the designated lane.  

With the latest donation, PVSP continues to support organizations that bring people together through positive events and programs, leading to safer communities.

The Huron mayor thanked the prison for the bicycles and said he and looks forward to the next event.

Story by Chaplain Andres Zamudio.

Two men and prison refurbished bicycles in Huron.
Huron Mayor Rey Leon, left, and Chaplain Andres Zamudio.

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