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Formerly incarcerated veterans learn tech skills

Lady teaches computer tech skills to a paroled veterans.
Amanda Moody teaches tech skills to formerly incarcerated veterans.

‘Tech Girl’ helps make paroled veterans tech savvy

Amanda Moody is no stranger to technological advances. In fact, she teaches basic tech skills to paroled veterans who suddenly find themselves in a digital world.

For 20 years, Moody has worked in the technology field and owns her own company called My Tech Girl. To help others, she teaches a tech skills class to formerly incarcerated veterans at the Veterans Transition Center in Marina.

She starts with the basics: how to use a cell phone, navigate email and how to use passcodes. After her students master those skills, she advances to how to use a laptop, creating files and navigating the internet. Moody also touches on technology fraud awareness.

“I enjoy creating a safe space for the participants to learn life skills in technology, in an otherwise overwhelming digital age,” Moody said.

Republished from “The Bridge,” the newsletter for the Division of Adult Parole Operations.

What is The Bridge? The quarterly newsletter highlights the many reentry services provided by the Adult Program Unit (APU). These services are designed to aid formerly incarcerated individuals while they’re on parole. APU strives to provide parolees with the tools to successfully reintegrate into society and provide them with the opportunity to give back to the community.

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