Beyond the Badge, Community Involvement

Calipatria officer tackles work, football

Man in uniform facing the camera
Correctional Officer Donnell Washington earns high marks for his CDCR work and for his work in the community.

Calipatria State Prison Correctional Officer Donnell Washington tackles challenges on- and off-duty.

The officer continues to add to a 19-year record of service and dedication to his job and the community outside the fence.

Officer Washington is an exemplary correctional officer praised by supervisors for his professionalism and dedication to duty.

He started his career with the department on March 11, 2002, at Calipatria State Prison.

For the last dozen years, when he’s not working, he’s coaching football teams for Pop Warner youth and high school.

“He is a coach who teaches our community’s youth the fundamentals of football, including how to manage training with classes and school homework,” said coworkers.

His gridiron success includes:

  • Educating players on correct technique for blocking, tackling, passing and receiving.
  • Teaching players how to avoid injuries. 

On and off the field, Officer Washington exemplifies excellent communication and leadership skills and a strong ability to build and maintain positive relationships with student athletes.

In addition, he’s a board member for the Brawley Pop Warner Youth Football Association. There he took on the task of implementing and maintaining a positive and safe football program. His efforts take him to the schools and parks in the community of Brawley

He spends many hours of his off-duty days organizing fundraisers for youth football programs. Also, he’s helped many families in need during the pandemic.

By Lt. Efren Uribe, Calipatria State Prison

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