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SATF, Kiwanis team up to help local schools

Students hold donated sports equipment alongside prison employees and school staff.
At Mark Twain School, sports equipment was donated to students who are excelling. Shown in the photo are students, CRM Ricky Dela Cruz, Laura Duran, Principal JJ Albert, CCPOA Vice President Kenneth Coffman and Kiwanis Club member Lola Lerma. At front right is Warden (A) Theresa Cisneros.

The California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison (SATF) on April 28 partnered with the Kiwanis Club of Corcoran to donate sports equipment to local schools. The funds were raised through an incarcerated population food sale. They also selected the nonprofit beneficiaries.

SATF staff, school officials and Kiwanis members presented the donations to Kings Lake Education Center and Mark Twain School. On hand were Warden (A) Theresa Cisneros, Community Resource Manager Ricky Dela Cruz, and California Correctional Peace Officers Association Vice President Kenneth Coffman. Working directly with school leadership was Laura Duran, the Kiwanis Club president.

“Thank you SATF for the donation,” said Duran. “The sports equipment will be given to all of the children who have been attending school in person and excelling in their academics.”

Warden Cisneros spoke to attendees, thanked those who made the donations possible and congratulated the children on a job well done.

Did you know? The Kiwanis Club of Corcoran has served the community since 1988.

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Kiwanis members and prison employees donate equipment to students.
Kings Lake students, front left, join Warden (A) Theresa Cisneros, CRM Ricky Dela Cruz, CCPOA Vice President Kenneth Coffman, Kiwanis Club member Lola Lerma, Assistant Principal Brian Brazier, and Laura Duran.