University, Insight Garden Program donate hundreds of seeds to CCWF

An inmate tends to a garden at CCWF.
The Insight Garden Project and Fresno State University donated seeds and seedlings to the Central California Women's Facility as part of Earth Day.

The incarcerated population recently planted herbs and flowers at the Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF) garden areas, thanks to a local college.

The effort was part of Earth Day with Fresno State University’s Horticulture Nursery donating close to 100 various flower seedlings.

“I would like to thank Fresno State and the Insight Garden Program for their donations of seeds and seedlings to help bring therapeutic gardening projects to our incarcerated population. They were grateful to tend the CCWF garden and the weather was perfect for the occasion,” said Community Resources Manager (CRM) Courtney Waybright.

This years’ theme for Earth Day was “Restore Our Earth,” and Warden Mike Pallares has a mission to do just that at CCWF.

“I want to continue to have more projects like this as well as continue our beautification project. We are currently having murals painted throughout the institution as well as positive affirmations and quotes painted on the grounds to encourage and promote change. This is something we definitely want to continue doing here,” said Warden Pallares.

Submitted by Lt. Gene Norman.

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A CCWF incarcerated artist paints a mural showing a sunset.
Murals and inspiring messages are also part of an overall beautification effort at CCWF.