Above the Call

Off‑duty Correctional Officer pulls driver from wrecked truck

Crashed truck with a police vehicle in the background.
Officer Leon pulled an injured driver from an overturned truck.

For Correctional Officer Aaron Leon and his family, what was otherwise a typical Saturday morning quickly turned into a life-saving effort when a truck wrecked. His experience is one more example of employees going above the call. (Read more stories.)

On March 27, Officer Leon had just pulled into his driveway when he heard a loud crash behind him. Getting out of his car, he saw a truck had wrecked, rolling into his driveway and onto his property. Just a moment earlier, the officer was driving across that very spot.

He quickly rushed to the crash, called 911 and assessed the situation. Someone was still inside the vehicle.

Officer Leon broke through the back window of the truck and pulled out a young woman. Once clear of the wreck, he provided first aid and stayed with her until the ambulance arrived.

She survived and is recovering from her injuries.

Officer Leon works at Wasco State Prison-Reception Center.

Submitted by Lt. Joshua Farley.

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A correctional officer holds a letter.
Correctional Officer Aaron Leon.