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Service dog graduates from Mule Creek State Prison

A service dog looks up at his new owner.
A service dog recently graduated from a training program at Mule Creek State Prison.

Paws For Life K9 Rescue and MCSP continue to support veterans in need of service dogs

The first Sunday in May was a very special day for the staff and incarcerated trainers at Mule Creek State Prison (MCSP) as they said goodbye to Paisley, a service dog trained to support a military veteran.

Paisley is fluent in more than 30 commands, and is trained to recognize night terrors, depression and anxiety. When Paisley recognizes these emotions, he springs into action to provide comfort and deep-pressure therapy for his new owner.

Paisley’s new owner, Ryan, is a highly decorated veteran who served six years in the military. He breezed his way through the service dog training camp with Paws For Life K9 Rescue Director Jon Grobman.

After his training, Ryan wrote, “I want to thank Paws For Life at Mule Creek, Alex, Jon, and the two incarcerated trainers (Jeremy and David) for everything. This will change my life forever and I am so happy for Paisley. He is a well-mannered, loving, and strong working dog. This whole team just saved another veteran’s life.”

Grobman shared, “Paws For Life is extremely proud of the work we are doing and even more so of the men inside who work so hard to make this possible.”

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