Community Involvement

Contract Beds Unit donates money, gift cards to bereaved mother

Contract Bed Units staff gather to offer gift cards to a bereaved mother.
CBU Staff and Chief Deputy Warden Edward Vasconcellos pose before presentation to Ms. Ramirez.

Staff at the Contract Beds Unit (CBU) recently presented a gift card flower basket to crime victim Angelina Ramirez, a bereaved mother.

Ramirez sells tamales at CBU every week to staff and is known to everyone working in the building. Her son, Christopher Ramirez, was tragically hit and killed in a Rancho Cordova parking lot on January 29, 2021.  The driver has since been caught and charged with homicide and attempted homicide, as another victim survived the incident.  Christopher was just 29 years old, leaving behind a wife and two young children.

Staff donated $275 in gift cards to Walmart, Target and general Visa gift cards to the bereaved mother. Staff also donated an additional $230 online to the family’s GoFundMe account. In total, CBU donated a little over $500 to the Ramirez family.

Ms. Ramirez was overwhelmed by the donations and expressed her gratitude by presenting CBU with a card to let staff know how appreciative the family was for the love and support shown by CBU during this difficult time.

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