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SAC, college show staff appreciation

California State Prison, Sacramento (SAC) staff appreciation day shows prison in the background while people patronize food trucks.
Staff appreciation at CSP-Sacramento.

To show appreciation to CSP-Sacramento (SAC) staff, institution leadership teamed with Mount Tamalpais College to offer a day of food trucks. The college also offered special goods for the incarcerated population.

Leadership organizers included Warden J. Lynch, Community Resource Manager (A) B. Hernandez and Public Information Officer Lt. E. Altvatter.

The effort acknowledges the hard work of the institutional staff during the pandemic while also reminding the incarcerated population of their larger connection to the community outside of prison.

Formerly known as the Prison University Project, the college offers Associate of Arts degrees and college preparatory programs at no-charge to people incarcerated in California’s prison system.

On Aug. 3, college staff contracted with three food trucks for the SAC staff appreciation day. The trucks cooked for the event and were welcomed by all of the staff. The food trucks provided free meals to SAC staff on all three watches and toughed it out through a day where the temperature topped out at 102 degrees.

On Aug. 4, college and SAC custody staff worked together to distribute approximately 2,100 care packages to the population. Containing food, stationary items and a letter of encouragement, the care packages were well received.

Learn more about Mount Tamalpais College at their website.

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