Community Involvement, Division of Adult Parole Operations

Southern Region parole staff, nonprofit partner to fight hunger

Adult Program Unit, Immanuel House work to reduce food insecurity

PSA Latisha Mata, Riverside County Parole Districts, and PSA Laura Evans, San Bernardino County Parole Districts teamed up with Liz Reid and the staff of Immanuel House to distribute quality food provided by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to help fight hunger.

The USDA provides “Farmers to Families Food Boxes” to Immanuel House, a non-profit organization. In return, they reached out to DAPO for assistance and PAIII Sheila Green-Beck contacted PSA Mata and PSA Evans to get involved.

Each food box weighs about 15 pounds and contains perishable dairy, fruit, protein and vegetables which vary weekly. Parole Agents submit requests each Thursday for pick-up the following week, distributing the food to fight hunger.

The program is one more way the Division of Adult Parole Operations is helping formerly incarcerated people overcome hurdles while reintegrating back into their communities.

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