Community Involvement

Corcoran population donates to local schools

A large donation check is held in a prison.
Captain C. Lesniak and an incarcerated person hold a check donation.

The CSP-Corcoran incarcerated population on Facility 3A came together to donate more than $1,200 to the Corcoran Unified School District. 

District Superintendent R. Merlo and staff accepted this donation. They also met with the incarcerated population to express their gratitude. 

While CSP-Corcoran Captain Christopher Lesniak assisted, the fundraising effort was handled by the population. Incarcerated representatives collected trust withdrawals, donating money directly to the school district.

The Corcoran incarcerated population said they felt the need to donate, especially to help youth. The population also collected donations throughout the summer. The donations will be used at local schools helping students get what they need. 

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