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Visiting testing center opens at CRC

Staff stand at a sign that says California Rehabilitation Center Visitor Testing Center.
CRC and CCHCS staff opened a new testing center for visitors.

The California Rehabilitation Center (CRC) recently opened its new Visiting Testing Center.

This testing site was staffed and operated by California Correctional Health Care Services (CCHCS).

CRC leadership said they wanted to recognize the hard work and dedication of its Plant Operations team. They took an old building once used as a changing area for staff and began a remodeling project. The building, once rusted and old, was transformed into an office space staff could be proud to work in.

Attention to detail was not only given to the inside but also to the outside of the building and the surrounding grounds. The parking lot was sealed, painted and marked.

Weeds and brush were removed and replaced with decorative rock and plants to give it a welcoming feeling. Handrails were installed for safety and the building itself was refurbished and painted. 

The CRC Visiting Testing Center sign in front of the building was also fabricated by the plant operations team. 

By Lt. Mario Vasquez

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