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Calipatria prison school supplies drive helps students

Calipatria prison staff and boxes of school supplies.
Calipatria State Prison staff raised money and gathered school supplies for local children.

Friday, August 13, was a lucky day for more than 200 students in the Calipatria and Niland communities, thanks in part to the Calipatria State Prison school supplies drive.

The Latin American Club in Calipatria held an event to give away school supplies and offer free haircuts. The club surpassed their goal, distributing 214 backpacks, 100 of which were donated by Calipatria prison staff.

Children and their families were able to drive up to the club, receiving a free backpack full of school supplies.

Aside from the backpacks, 62 children received haircuts provided by six local barbers and beauticians.

Areas of Calipatria prison, such as Central Operations, the Crisis Response Team, the Investigative Services Unit, along with many other staff, joined together to raise money and gather school supplies to make this happen.

Calipatria giving back to the community

“Events like this give our staff an opportunity to give back to our community. It truly is an honor to know we played a small part in giving the children the necessary tools to start their school year,” said Frances Garcia, Community Resources Manager.

The club was grateful for the help.

“Because of Calipatria State Prison’s generosity, we were able to double our goal. Our event would have been much smaller had it not been for the prison staff,” said Brittany Saiza, chairperson for the event.

Chief Deputy Warden Sean Moore said this is another example of the staff’s willingness to help others.

“The staff at Calipatria are truly generous and supportive of the surrounding community,” he said. “I am especially grateful for those behind the scenes who take time away from their families and busy schedules to help. They made this event an overwhelming success.”

By Lt. Efren Uribe

Calipatria prison staff and a table full of school supplies.
All areas of the prison pitched in to gather supplies for students in need.

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